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About Herbal fracture

Herbal Fracture is a trustworthy go-to source of safely-produced CBD products using locally-grown organic hemp for those living in Colorado. Keep reading to learn more about us and what we can do for you.
Our History
Like every great success story, Herbal Fracture began from small beginnings — with a thought. In 2008, our Full Spectrum extraction method was conceived by Tim, a bio-engineering student at Purdue University, when he sought out a way that didn't include the use of harmful solvents in the CBD extraction method using locally-grown organic hemp.
Our mission
At Herbal Fracture, we want our customers to have access to the best and most effective CBD-rich products available, produced in the safest way possible, without the use of harmful solvents.
Our Process
Our CBD is sourced from 100% organic, non-GMO, Colorado-based hemp farms, and is pesticide-, fungicide-, and solvent-free. Every product we create is guaranteed by an independent 6 Panel Test for Potency, Terpene Profile, Bio Contaminates (Mold), Residual Solvents, Pesticides, and Heavy Metals. This means you get only the finest, most effective CBD products without the worry.
Our Products
At Herbal Fracture, we work daily to continually work towards expanding our product line and currently offer a wide range of CBD products, including, but not limited to: drink powders, tinctures, topicals, pills, soaps, edibles, and pet products.
herbal fracture

Who Can Use CBD Products?

There are two things to consider first before using CBD products:
  1. Local Laws: Always be aware of the local laws in your area and if they permit the legal usage of such products.
  2. Doctor’s Advice: If applicable, consult with your doctor. CBD is known to interact with some medications, so it’s best to ensure it is safe for you to use as some specific underlying conditions discourage the usage of CBD products due to side effects.
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These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. The FDA has neither approved nor evaluated the effectiveness of these products. These products are intended to be used by persons over the age of 18. THC-free is defined as undetectable at the lowest level which can be consistently detected using valid scientific analytical tools.
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herbal fracture

why use CBD Products?

Many studies have proven the potential health benefits of CBD. Here are some:
  1. Lowers Blood Pressure: According to a study, published in JCI Insight in 2017, administering a certain dosage of CBD can help lower blood pressure.
  2. Treats Different Skin Problems: According to two studies, conducted in 2016 and 2020, CBD possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help treat different skin problems, such as acne and inflammation.
  3. Reduces Seizures in Epilepsy: According to a 2017 study, published in the Journal of Epilepsy Research, one of the strongest pieces of evidence that proves CBD’s health benefits is its efficacy in reducing seizures in people with certain types of epilepsy.
These mentioned above are only some of the advantages that CBD usage provides.

Shop at Your Convenience

At Herbal Fracture, we make everything hassle-free for our patrons, especially when availing of our products. We provide two convenient options: you can shop for our goods online or in-person at either of our two physical stores located in Idaho Springs and Dillon, Colorado.

Idaho Springs, Colorado

Idaho Springs, Colorado

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