Want to treat yourself to something special? Take your pick from our list of  top CBD products to try!

If you’re still one of the people who think that CBD and Marijuana are the same things, it’s time to catch up.

CBD is a cannabinoid found in marijuana, while it is not the cannabinoid producing a psychoactive effect. In other words, CBD is the part of marijuana that makes you feel calm, while THC is the element that produces a ‘high.’

There is a wealth of CBD products to try, and we’re here to give you the best that 2019 has to offer. There’s something for everyone here, so keep an open mind and imagine yourself experiencing CBD’s health benefits through these great products.

Great CBD Products to Try

A lot of these products will have you wondering how in the world they infused CBD. While the immediate effects of these products will have you feeling relaxed, there are also greater medical benefits that you should look into.

It might just be that your ailment could be greatly benefited by CBD.

1. CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are an excellent product because they come in such a variety of dosage. The market holds gummies ranging from mild to very intense.

In most cases, the purpose of these gummies is to aid you in falling asleep. One of CBD’s many benefits is the ability to make people relaxed and sleepy. CBD gummies are typically paired with melatonin, meaning that you’ll be right off to sleep in no time at all.

2. Body Cream

You may be wondering what in the world a topical cream with CBD in it could do to help your body.

CBD cream does, in fact, treat muscle aches and pains. The creams are typically a combination of a number of organic materials. The problem with these creams is that little scientific data to back up claims of effectivity.

That being said, there is absolutely no indication that these creams are dangerous unless you have an allergy to one of the ingredients. That means there’s no harm in giving the creams a shot.

3. CBD Soda

Fruity drinks that incorporate CBD are widely available on the market these days. While the price of these drinks is typically higher than the average can of pop, you definitely get more than a sugary concoction.

As it is with gummies, there’s no limit to how many milligrams of CBD are contained in these drinks.

4. Deodorant

Instead of using harmful chemicals to keep yourself smelling great, why not use a natural CBD mix? There aren’t any suggested health benefits of this product, other than the fact that all ingredients are natural and won’t contribute to skin irritation.

Fragrances and dies are common culprits of the problems that come from traditional deodorants. Natural products don’t contribute negatively to your glands and keep you smelling great.

5. Cooking Oil

Olive, vegetable, and avocado oils can all be found infused with CBD.

This is a simple, straightforward way to ingest CBD in order to receive the medicinal benefits. The oils don’t taste anything like marijuana and should be a seamless way to incorporate your CBD treatment naturally.

6. Coffee

If you’re looking to perk up and relax with a good cup of coffee, seek out some coffee crafted with hemp oil (containing CBD).

The product will be a good deal more expensive than your average pound of ground coffee, but you’re likely to enjoy the experience of drinking CBD-infused coffee.

7. Vaporizers

One excellent way to ingest CBD is by vaping it. This is a tried and true way to experience both immediate effects and long-term health benefits.

Vaping is great if you also already a fan of nicotine. Trying to quit smoking is hard as it is. Using a vaporizer is a great way to wean off of cigarettes, especially if you’re getting the added effects of CBD to relax.

8. CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are typically the preferred way to ingest CBD. Tinctures are highly concentrated liquids that can be easily added to any product that you ingest.

Mixing tinctures with food and drink are extremely common, and the taste is barely noticeable in most cases. This is an excellent option for those who are using CBD medicinally, and must regularly take it.

Tinctures are also a relatively cheap option compared to the products that are infused with CBD. It’s often the case that CBD-infused products are created with the help of tinctures, so you can think of tinctures as the source of CBD, second only to marijuana and hemp.

Additionally, there’s a lot of variety of tincture on the market. The different flavors available can serve as great pairs to any food or drink you’d like to mix them with.

CBD extract oils can also fall into the category of tinctures. Oils and tinctures can contain as much or as little CBD as you’d like them to, and the availability of stronger or mild products makes it easy to mix and match intensity with flavor.

Honorable Mentions

Any list of CBD products wouldn’t be complete with a few of the classics like cookies, brownies, and chocolates. Edibles are a really easy and tasty method of ingesting CBD, and the variety on the market has led to a lot of competition, lowering the prices.  

There are also a lot of pet-related CBD products available that are meant to treat pain. CBD is well-known for treating joint pain and other chronic pain issues, so pet CBD products should be an option if your pet is experiencing any chronic pain.

Cats, dogs, horses, and goats are all common patients of CBD treatment.

Interested in Learning More

Finding new CBD products to try is always fun and exciting. If you’re already on an alternative medicine kick, don’t stop with the items on our list.

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