CBD and Acne: Everything You Need to Know

There’s a positive link between CBD and acne issues. Here’s everything you need to know, including benefits, usage, and other important facts.

Want to relieve your skin of acne?

The causes of acne are plentiful and the conditions that make them happen are easy to come across. Most people think it only happens during puberty, but poor skincare along with other factors can give you spots, blackheads, and pimples.

You can use different brands of skincare products to take care of the problem. However, these can be expensive or can have unintended side effects on your skin. Going for a natural alternative is ideal since they don’t pose a threat to your skin.

This is where CBD and acne form a positive link. CBD oil has interesting effects on acne, making it great for skin care. Read on to learn about this link and other facts about CBD.

1. What Causes Acne?

To understand how CBD can help you with your acne problem, we must understand how acne develops first. This will help you understand how CBD oil is the best option to help you with it.

The most common cause of acne is excessive oil production. Skin oil, also known as sebum, itself isn’t detrimental for your skin. What makes it harmful is when it mixes with dirt and bacteria.

Sebum makes them stick to the skin when they mix with it. Dead skin cells can also mix with it if you don’t wash them away. If you leave them alone, they can stay on the skin and clog your pores.

These elements irritate the skin and cause small infections when they get inside your epidermis. This turns out as the pimples and other blemishes we have on our skin.

Hormonal changes can also cause you to get acne. This is the main reason you see lots of people get acne during puberty. This can also mean that pregnancy can cause the mother to get acne.

What’s worse is that there are factors that can cause acne to get worse. Carbohydrates can stimulate sebum production, increasing the chances of acne. Stress also makes it worse by increasing cortisol, promoting the production of sebum again.

Androgen can also increase the levels of sebum produced by your body. It’s a hormone that promotes male traits. This is a reason for men to produce more acne than women.

2. How Does CBD Help with Acne?

The main reason people get blemishes on their skin is sebum. You can remove dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells from your skin with ease if it wasn’t for sebum. The only problem is that sebum is also essential for lubricating your skin.

CBD works by inhibiting the sebaceous glands in our bodies. This works because these glands also have CB1 and CB2 receptors like the major organs in our body. CBD helps with acne because it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the sebaceous glands.

Blemishes are often the overreaction of your skin to the dirt and bacteria that enter it. This causes them to become swollen once it irritates the skin. The CBD will help alleviate the inflammation and cause the blemishes to settle down.

It also helps by activating your body’s endocannabinoid system. This will cause anandamide to regulate oil production in your body. It gives bacteria and dead skin cells a lower chance to stick to your skin and cause blemishes.

3. Can CBD Help with Other Skin Care Problems?

CBD and acne are not the only ones that have interesting interactions. What’s great about CBD oil and other products is that it can help save your skin from other ailments and imperfections. One instance of it being able to help you is by providing you with antioxidants.

Plants often have much of this stored in them. Since CBD oil and other products are all-natural, it provides a high number of antioxidants. This will help you combat the signs of aging in your skin.

You will notice a significant impact on your wrinkles and other signs of aging you have on your skin. CBD can also help you with sensitive skin and the effects of such.

This is because the components of CBD have a relaxing effect on the body. Sensitive skin is only the overreaction of your skin to certain elements like dust. CBD will lessen the effects of these elements on your skin and will produce visible results in no time.

4. How to Use CBD

There are different ways for you to use CBD. What’s great is that they produce different effects, allowing you to choose the method that works for you the most.

Most people opt for topical creams and oils because they’re easy to apply. They also have an immediate effect on your acne and other skin problems. These come with different CBD strengths for you to choose from.

Capsules and edibles are also great ways to take CBD. Capsules have a lasting effect and are available in vegetarian form.

Edibles are versatile and what’s great about them is that you can create dishes with the different recipes online. This ensures that you can create a dish that suits your palate to make CBD consumption easier.

You can also consider tinctures to take your CBD. These concentrated mixtures allow you to take less CBD for an increased effect. You only need to take the right CBD dosage to ensure you don’t experience anything alarming.

5. Other Benefits of CBD

Besides helping you clear your skin of acne, CBD also has other benefits you can enjoy. Pain relief is a great example of this. This is also an indirect way for you to relieve yourself from itches as they’re also considered as pain.

CBD can also help relieve your anxiety. This is great if you’re nervous about an upcoming event because of your acne. You’ll kill 2 birds with one stone this way.

It can also help improve your sex life. There are different CBD products aimed to make your sex life more interesting. The main reason it can improve your sex life, though, is by relieving your stress.

Among other factors, stress can impact your libido by fatiguing. CBD relieves stress and will also increase the pleasure you feel during intercourse. This will help you bring the spark back into your bedroom.

Learn About CBD and Acne Today

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