CBD and COVID-19: What the Research Shows So Far

With the rise and popularity of CBD becoming ever more prevalent in the medical world, is there any connection between CBD and COVID-19?

A company out of Israel recently finished a study about the effects of CBD and COVID-19. With the number of worldwide COVID-19 deaths at over 400,000 and counting researchers are looking everywhere to find help in fighting this pandemic.

It appears there might be some promising revelations they made with the study and it will most likely prompt more companies to do research and study groups on the matter. Read on to learn all about it.

The First Trial

The first clinical trial or CBD study which is a collaboration between Tel Aviv University and InnoCan Pharma wrapped up a few weeks ago and is showing promise. In light of the study, and Cannabis research news, a second clinical trial is due to take place shortly with actual COVID-19 patients. 

The first study was about using exosomes as what are called “homing missiles” which target cell organs that are damaged by COVID-19. The researchers feel that CBD and its anti-inflammatory effects can synergistically repair the damaged cells caused by COVID-19. 

The Second Trial

The second CBD study or clinical trial will involve ten COVID-19 patients who are currently getting treatment at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center.

The study will use steroids combined with CBD to see if the CBD will enhance the therapeutic benefits of the steroids. This study is a collaboration between Mor Research Application and Stero Biotechs. 

If the study proves to be effective there are already plans to bring on 40 more patients for testing.

David Bassa CEO and Founder of Stero Biotechs says that severe COVID-19 patients are mainly being treated with steroids and he believes administering CBD with it will enhance the effects. It’s aimed at those who are hospitalized with COVID-19.

Bassa thinks this can be a big step forward not only for Israel’s treatment and suppression of COVID-19 but for the entire world. 

The Third Trial

Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center is launching a third CBD study. This study is for those with moderate COVID-19 symptoms. Researchers will try to determine if CBD can lower the respiratory symptoms of said patients. 

Who Else is Doing Research on CBD and COVID-19?

Other countries have begun or are planning to begin studying the effects of CBD and COVID-19. 

Canada and The University of Lethbridge

Researchers out of the University of Lethbridge in conjunction with Pathway Research recently conducted a study about how cannabis extracts can modulate ACE2 expression.

They attempted to figure out if CBD can disrupt the ability to be infected with COVID-19 when the CBD is applied to cells. Out of the 25 strains the team had tested 13 of them showed promise. 

More specifically Olka Kovalchuck, who’s part of the Lethbridge research team and a professor at the university, said the 13 strains showed the active properties they were hoping for when tested. 

To put it in scientific terms, the 13 CBD strains lowered the expression of a gene in human cells. That gene created the protein which SARS-COV-2 latches on to. The CBD was able to lower the chances of that happening. 

Kovalchuk warns that it’s still way too early for any conclusions but the initial study was enough to move forward with a full clinical trial, which is promising in and of itself at these early stages of our battle with COVID-19.

So What Do We Know So Far?

From the little bit of research that’s been done using CBD as a treatment of part of a prevention program from COVID-19, things are promising. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can synergistically repair damaged cells due to COVID-19. 

We know that CBD might work well in tandem with steroids as a successful treatment of severe COVID-19 patients who’ve been hospitalized.

We also know that certain strands of CBD might have the right active properties to suppress the harmful protein turned on by COVID-19.

Doesn’t CBD boost the Immune System?

Since those who are most at risk from COVID-19 are those with weakened immune systems, it would mean that anything that boosts your immune system could help prevent or fight off its effects. 

CBD can help keep our bodies in homeostasis or in balance. CBD positively affects the ECS or Endocannabinoid System. CBD helps prevent the ECS from breaking down so it can do its job and keep our bodies healthy and in good shape.

Inflammation is a risk for disease and CBD can help the body fight off disease by reducing inflammation. CBD is an immunosuppressant that will stop your body from trying to fight bacteria or disease by using inflammation. 

How Else Can CBD Help a COVID-19 Patient?

There might be some other ways you can use CBD or CBD oil to help in your fight against COVID-19. CBD has been shown to relieve stress. Many of us are stressed out these days due to being locked in our homes, and early research has shown that CBD can help fight off anxiety

Early research has also shown that CBD can help ease the pain. If you’re dealing with COVID-19 chances are you’re in moderate to severe pain. Perhaps CBD can help get you through that pain.

Several doctors have come out and said you shouldn’t be smoking or inhaling marijuana or CBD since it affects your lugs. You can use oils or edibles instead. As always check with your own doctor before starting any treatment or regimen. 

What Can We Expect in the Future?

What does all of this mean for the future of CBD and COVID-19? First, as mentioned before, we are very early on so all opinions or takeaways form this should be done with caution. 

However, in light of the early promising results, we can definitely expect to see several more studies across many continents on this matter. We can also expect to see a plethora of different ways to help treat or prevent COVID-19 with CBD. 

One would think that both governmental and private companies will get on board in funding the research for these studies.

You would also think that many cannabis companies would pitch in or fund their own studies due to the early positives feedback. Where things exactly go from here and what will ultimately come out of all the research remains to be seen.

One thing for sure is that we are headed in the right direction and we just may find another positive use for CBD. Check out our blog to learn more about CBD.