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CBD Dosage for Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide

CBD oil can help your furry friends with several problems. Read our guide on CBD dosage for dogs and make sure you give yours the right amount.

Pet CBD products could reach $125 million by 2022. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 57% in a five-year span! More pet owners are recognizing how CBD treats might ease anxiety and pain symptoms for their furry friends.

Are you thinking of giving your pet CBD for the first time? Before you do, you’ll need to determine the right CBD dosage for dogs.

Giving your dog the wrong dosage could impact the CBD’s efficiency.

With this helpful guide, you can calculate the right CBD oil dosage for dogs before wasting your money. That way, you can make sure your dog experiences the soothing benefits of CBD the first time around.

Start calculating your CBD for dogs dosage with this guide today!

Calculating Your Dog’s Dose

Before you give your dog CBD for the first time, it’s important to maintain realistic expectations. If you have more than one dog, you might need to calculate the CBD dosage for dogs for each one. Even then, different factors can impact the CBD’s efficiency.

For example, does your dog have cancer? The CBD dosage for cancer in dogs is usually higher than for other dogs. 

The potency of the product you choose, your dog’s weight, and their health concerns could impact the dosage as well.

To determine the CBD dosage for dogs, you’ll first need to look at the product you purchased. Each product contains a different CBD concentration. You can find the concentration on the label, which indicates how much CBD is in the entire bottle.

This number isn’t the CBD oil dosage for dogs. In fact, there’s no standard dose or guideline. Instead, you’ll need to determine the CBD oil dosage for dogs based on your pet’s needs. 

Some products do provide a suggested dose. Make sure to read the label before giving your dog CBD. If the label doesn’t suggest a dose, keep reading to calculate the dose yourself. 

Based on Weight

You can calculate the proper CBD dosage for dogs by weight.

Most companies suggest giving your dog 1 mg of CBD per kg. First, determine how much your dog weighs. If they weigh 10 to 25 pounds, for example, try giving them 2 ml from a 300 mg bottle of CBD.

Each product can contain a different amount of CBD. To determine the CBD tincture dosage for dogs, you’ll need to adjust your calculations.

First, determine how many milligrams of CBD are within each milliliter of oil. CBD gets mixed with a carrier oil to dilute the product. 

How much CBD is within the bottle you purchased? For example, a 300 mg CBD formula might only have 10 mg of CBD per ml of oil.

If your dog weighs 50 to 75 lbs, they’ll need 40 mg of CBD. For a 300 mg formula, they’ll only need a 4 ml CBD dosage. 

If you’re using a 1200 mg formula, they’ll only need 1 ml of CBD.

Calculating the CBD dosage for dogs by weight isn’t foolproof, though. You might want to combine this process with the “start low, go slow” method to find the right dose for your pet. You can also use this dosage chart for extra help.

Low and Slow

Does your dog suffer from a medical condition like cancer, arthritis, or seizures? Remember, their health could impact the necessary dosage. A more severe health condition could indicate they need a larger dose.

You can use the “start low, go slow” method to determine your CBD oil dosage for dogs.

For this method, start with a low dose of CBD. Then, watch how your dog behaves. Do they seem relaxed or at ease?

Did they fall asleep after you gave them the CBD? If so, you might want to reduce the dosage next time.

If they didn’t experience any effects at all, gradually increase the dosage. Each time you give your pet CBD, pay attention to how they react. Once you notice changes, you’ve found the right dosage. 

Consult a Vet

Before giving your dog CBD for the first time, make sure to visit their vet. Consulting their vet will help you make the best decisions for your pet. They can also help you calculate the CBD oil dosage for dogs based on your pet’s unique health needs.

It’s important to visit the vet before giving your pet CBD for the first time if they have a health condition.

Is your pet taking any medications for their condition? There’s a slight risk that the CBD could interact with their medications. Your vet can help you make sure CBD is a safe choice. 

Sometimes, your dog’s health condition can impact their ability to metabolize medications or CBD products. For example, your dog’s liver might not work properly. In that case, your vet can help you determine the best options for your dog. 

Administering CBD

Last year, pet owners spent $33 billion on pet food and treats. You can use your dog’s favorite snacks to determine the right CBD oil dosage for dogs. Here are a few ways to administer CBD to your pet.

You might need to try more than one administration technique to determine which works best for your dog. 

First, consider giving your dog CBD directly. You can use a CBD dropper to put the CBD straight into their mouth.

If your dog doesn’t like the taste of CBD, put a few drops on their dinner or dog treats. Make sure their food is porous. Otherwise, the food or treat won’t absorb the CBD.

Some pet owners mix the CBD with peanut butter, too.

Give each technique a try once you determine the best CBD dosage for dogs in your family. Here are a few extra tips that can help. 

How Long Does It Take?

If you give your pet CBD for the first time, don’t forget to use the “start low, go slow” method. It can take between 30 to 45 minutes before you notice results. 

You can reduce this time by giving your dog CBD oil directly.

Giving them treats, on the other hand, means their stomachs will need to break down the ingredients from their treats. Then, their body will need to metabolize the CBD. 

Determining the Right CBD Dosage for Dogs: Your Guide to CBD Success

Once you calculate the CBD dosage for dogs in your family, you might need to make adjustments. Remain patient and realistic. In time, you’ll find the perfect dosage for your pet. 

It’s important to find a high-quality CBD product for your pet. Explore our pet CBD products today to find what you need!