Why CBD for Tattoos Is Something You Should Consider for Recovery

After getting a tattoo, it needs aftercare so it heals properly. Learn why CBD for tattoos is something you should consider for recovery.

Tattoos are an art form dating back to as early as 3370 BC. Treatments for tattoo aftercare have progressed from applying poultices made from plant matter–to stifle infection and inflammation–to antiseptic ointments full of synthetic ingredients created in labs.  

CBD is a melding of the natural treatments of the past, and the carefully lab studied and evaluated medicines of today. This innovative new form of medicine is slowly being integrated into our everyday lives. But why CBD for tattoos?

CBD tattoo treatment products are becoming so commonplace in modern times that they’re being sold in establishments such as tattoo shops. CBD for tattoo healing is infiltrating the tattooing world, and people’s curiosity is piqued. 

Traditional treatments for tattoo pain and preventing infections are usually packed with aggressive chemicals that can cause an array of adverse side effects, and people are seeking safe yet sufficiently effective alternatives. 

If you’re considering using a CBD product to aid in the anxiety, healing, and pain relief in the tattooing process, but feel skeptical. Or solely in need of brushing up on what affects and benefits CBD products bring to the table, stick around. 

Let’s explore these concerns and answer some of your questions.

The CBD Facts

If you’re hunting for natural products with multiple benefits, CBD may be right for you.

CBD is derived from industrial hemp. Industrial hemp legal in every state in the United States. These products, whether lotions, edibles, inhalers, lotions, ointment, and much more, are often referred to as “full-isolate.”

What Does That Mean?

Full-isolate CBD products contain no THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, or synthetic cannabis that gets you “high”, has the healing and relaxing advantages of traditional marijuana without impairing senses and focus. 

How Can CBD Help with Tattoo Process?

CBD for tattoos has shown amazing results in healing, preventing infection, and regulating emotion.

Emotional Reservations 

If your potential tattoo, and getting it, has you in a panic, CBD reportedly has the calming and soothing properties found in cannabis…minus the impulse to order the entire Taco Bell menu at 1:00 AM. 

CBD for Tattoo Jitters

Willingly sitting to have a needle scrape your skin for several minutes or hours can be nerve-wracking. Your fear can be an obstacle that you may without chemical intoxicants such as alcohol or opioids. 

How Does It Work?

CBD may alter serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter vital in managing your mental health.

Conventional methods to handle low or high serotonin levels are antipsychotics such as Zoloft or Prozac. CBD has demonstrated positive results in alleviating anxiety and stress in animals such as rats. 

Experiment Beforehand

Make sure to do a test run if you’re using CBD for anxiety or stress. You want to know how you react to any medicinal product. Whatever variety of CBD products you choose, set aside time to see how it works. Always allow twenty or thirty minutes for it to kick in. 

Tattoo Pain & Sensitivity Solution 

It’s frequently advised for Advil to be taken before the tattoo’s application to help lessen the pain.

Advil’s potential side effects include an upset stomach, vomiting, mild itching, and diarrhea. CBD can potentially be a practical and non-impairing, nonintoxicating solution to this.  

Minimizing Pain

CBD has analgesic properties. An analgesic amounts to a painkiller. 

How Does It Work?

CBD topicals like balms, creams, and ointments enter the surface layer of the skin, and won’t engage with the bloodstream. CBD remains fixed and localized on the application area and can be found useful for long-lasting pain relief. 

The Aftermath 

Unlike on television and in films, your skin isn’t instantly smooth or miraculously healed five seconds after your tattoo artist is finished with you. 

The skin will be inflamed, raised, and puffy, and that’s all before the enormously attractive flaking of the next day. CBD can be an excellent alternative to using the standard greasy and heavy tattoo aftercare creams.

How Does It Work?

A fresh tattoo leaves skin reddened and swollen because your immune system is gearing up for an attack. CBD has been observed to be a potent control for inflammation-triggering proteins, a way to decrease inflammation in the human body. It has become famous for treating other skin conditions such as acne or eczema. 

Infection Prevention 

A healing tattoo is technically a gaping open wound.

A gaping wound that’s inviting bacteria into the body. Products like CBD ointments and creams explicitly created for tattoo aftercare not only soothe skin but assists in preventing viral infections as well. 

How Does It Work? 

CBD is reportedly both a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. These properties help battle viral infections and harmful bacteria, slipping in through the exposed and vulnerable skin of a fresh tattoo. 

CBD VS Other Tattoo Aftercare Products 

We’ve all been advised to use that “fragrance-free” (which seems to be code for smells like a hospital): lotion along with antiseptic sprays for post-tattoo care. How does CBD measure up in comparison to the standard ingredients in tattoo healing lotion ingredients? Let’s go through a few comparisons of the properties found in these products versus CBD’s organic properties. 

Lanolin Oil Properties 

Hydrates the skin but can negatively interfere with the ink of your tattoo. Can cause an allergic reaction later on. 

CBD Properties 

Lotions and creams moisturize and create positive developments.

Petroleum/Mineral Oil Properties 

Creates a layer of protection for the skin but may clog pores.

CBD Properties

Non-comedogenic and allows pores to breathe.

Organic Coconut Oil 

May suffocate pores and amp up the possibility of infection. 

CBD Properties

Non-comedogenic, won’t block the pores.

Antiseptic Cream Properties 

Lowers the risk of an infection development but may leave your tattoo with a marble-like appearance.  

CBD Properties

Can neutral pathogens, lotions, and creams do not result in a marble effect on your tattoo. 

Explore the Power of CBD

If you’re scouring the internet for organic, non-harmful products.CBD products made for tattoos can be a fantastic option for you to choose from. Discovering new products like CBD for tattoos is always an adventure. Check out our store today!