The Top Reasons People Are Switching To CBD Lip Balm

Taking a look at the top reasons and benefits for using CBD lip balm. See why this natural treatment has become all the rage.

There are certain products you never leave home without, like your phone and your wallet. For many of us, lip balm is on that list too.

When your lips are dry and irritated, it’s uncomfortable enough to take the fun out of almost anything. As attached as you might be to your handy stick of lip balm, it might not be giving you all the benefits it could.

Left and right, people are tossing aside their traditional lip balm for CBD lip balm. Why, you ask? It’s about more than the growing CBD trend across the country. In fact, there are plenty of reasons.

1. It Controls Inflammation

You’ve probably heard about inflammation as the hot new buzz word in health blogs. It has health implications throughout your body, but it’s also downright uncomfortable.

CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. When your lips are chapped or irritated from allergies, cold sores, skin conditions, or other issues, CBD lip balm can ease your pain. 

That lowered inflammation also has a cosmetic benefit: your lips will look less red, chapped, and artificially puffy.

2. It’s a Hydrating Superpower

Have you ever wondered why your lips get dry so much more often than your skin does? It turns out that it’s because your lips have no oil glands. They can’t produce their own moisture the way your skin can elsewhere. 

CBD lip balm is more effective in moisturizing your lips than many other lip balms. The CBD oil has a powerful way of locking in the moisture in your lips. They get hydrated from within and the outside air doesn’t have a chance to suck out that moisture.

3. It Enhances the Lips’ Looks

Your smile is one of the first physical features people notice when they look at you. That includes your lips. If your lips look like someone has left them in the sun all day, it doesn’t make the best first impression.

Dry lips look thinner, more wrinkled, and older as a result. By hydrating your lips, CBD lip balm can rejuvenate them in a hurry.

Moisturized lips are not only smoother, but they have a natural, healthy plumpness. You get more rounded, softer lips with no needles in sight. 

4. It Blocks Sun Damage

It’s no secret that the sun can cause serious problems in your skin’s health. Your lips aren’t an exception. Their thin skin is at risk for sun damage too.

That risk is far lower if you use CBD lip balm, though. CBD is a natural antioxidant. That means it stabilizes free radicals like sun radiation to minimize the damage.

As an added bonus, many CBD lip balms add some amount of sunblock. You get a force field to block much of the damage in the first place and healing powers to reduce any damage that does break through.

5. It Protects Overall Health

Your lips are a gateway to your body, but sometimes intruders bust through that gate. We’re talking about the many bacteria that are floating around, prepared to wage war on your body.

CBD lip balm can help with that. CBD has natural anti-bacterial properties. The lip balm can kill many of the bacteria before they can get into your body and make trouble.

Of course, the lip balm is no magic bullet. You still need to take precautions like washing your hands before you eat. For bacteria that would otherwise land on your lip and make its way into your mouth, though, you have an extra way to fight them off.

6. It’s Natural

There’s a great trend today toward more natural products, and for good reason. Natural products tend to have a lower risk for causing inflammation and other health complications. In many cases, they’re also easier on the environment.

This alone is a reason many people are opting for CBD lip balm. It gets its hydrating power from natural CBD oil rather than artificial ingredients. If you’re taking steps to lead a more earth-centric life, swapping out your lip balm is an easy checkbox.

Choosing Your CBD Lip Balm

As with any other health-focused product, the results of your CBD lip balm will depend on the product you choose. Not all of them are winners, but there are a few ways to find the best ones for you.

Start with the Reputation

CBD oil isn’t a very well-regulated material in the US. Simply put, there are some companies out there that will try to sell you a dud.

As you shop for CBD lip balm, you should do basic research on the manufacturer. Look for reviews for the product and the company.

You can also check out how transparent the company is. You want a manufacturer that offers third-party lab testing so you know what you’re getting.

The more information the company provides about itself, the better. See if you can find out where they’re located, how long they’ve been in business, and other basic facts. If you can’t, the company might be staying vague for a reason.

Understand What You’re Getting

Once you’ve found reliable manufacturers, you need to check the labels on their CBD lip balms. These products come in plenty of varieties and you need to know what you’re getting.

First, look for the words “isolate,” “broad-spectrum,” or “full-spectrum.” CBD isolates are CBD alone. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the parts of the cannabis or hemp plant except the THC. Full-spectrum CBD includes every part of the plant, including small amounts of THC.

Check out the dosage too. CBD lip balms contain anywhere from 5mg to 200mg of CBD. If you’re new to the product, start toward the lower end of the spectrum and work your way up.

Enjoying CBD Lip Balm for Yourself

For all the reasons above, it’s no wonder why so many people are adding CBD lip balm to their shopping lists. If you’d like to give it a try for yourself, why wait? Shop for CBD products online today.