Our new CBD Nano Cream is designed for dermal and transdermal CBD delivery to help quickly and efficiently penetrate the skin to maximize effectiveness and reduce wait time.

In the search for quicker and more effective topical CBD applications, we at Herbal Fracture have released our new CBD Nano Cream–it will quickly penetrate your skin’s outer oil layer, so the CBD can get to work more precisely and with less wait time. This means less waste for you, and a better topical CBD experience.

Nano CBD Cream ParticleThe term “nanoscale” for drug delivery refers to particle sizes ranging from ~ 50 to 500 nm (nanometers–or, one billionth of a meter). The primary benefit for the Nano-CBD particle for the human body is mainly an increased penetration of CBD. The goal of increasing skin penetration is to enhance dose control and tissue targeting.

Under the leadership of Dr. Specht and Dr. Recchia, the Herbal Fracture research team has developed a nano-transdermal absorption technique which effectively delivers nano-sized CBD to the targeting tissue. Our team uses a cell membrane material as a coating that mimics the milk fat globule membrane. This nano-envelope has a core-shell structure that allows fine nanoparticles to travel through the skin, allowing the CBD to be effectively transported subcutaneously–the layer between the skin and muscle. 

The protective layer on the surface of  your skin prevents moisture loss from the skin layers beneath. Although the formulation matrix of the cream maintains a CBD concentration gradient, it is recommended to put an extra layer of salve over your nano CBD cream to ensure the continuation of CBD delivery to help preserve moisture. It is very important that the salve does not contain intrusive substances.

 How Do I Take Nano CBD Cream?

For maximum results, we recommend applying your nano CBD cream to your skin after a warm shower or bath. Since your skin’s pores will be expanded due to the temperature influences of the warm water, maximum absorption can be expected. To use, simply apply the recommended amount of cream to the area of treatment and rub it in thoroughly. We then recommend applying a salve to help maintain your skin’s moisture and to ensure the continuation of CBD delivery.

When Should I Use Nano CBD Cream?

We recommend using our nano cream whenever the need arises. If you are an athlete, we recommend applying it as soon after your workout or exertion as you can. If you drink recovery drinks, like protein shakes or chocolate milk, you could try to get in the habit of applying our nano cbd cream then.

If you suffer from arthritis or sore muscles regularly, we recommend applying the cream on an as needed bases, in the morning after your warm shower or bath, and in the evening before bed.

Where Can I Get Nano CBD Cream?

You’re in luck! We have everything you need right here at Herbal Fracture. We offer Full Spectrum (less than .3% THC)  cbd nano cream with aloe in 500mg, and 150mg sizes. We also provide an Isolate cbd nano cream with aloe in 500mg and 150mg sizes as well.