What makes your salves and topicals unique?

Great question! Our high quality salves are:

  • The strongest in the industry. We currently manufacture the strongest salve available at 2,400mg (in a one ounce container). We also carry an introductory Aloe Vera Creme that starts at 250mg in a 1.7oz container and a more powerful 600mg in a 1oz container.
  • Made from all natural ingredients without any GMOs or petroleum products.

Salves and topicals are great for treating localized, surface level issues (especially when used in tandem with tinctures or gel cap pills). Because of the nature of topicals, they tend to work better on issues closer near the surface of your skin or on shallow joints like your hands, feet, elbows and knees VS deep joint issues like a hip or the inside of a shoulder.

Why do you make such a strong muscle salve?

We didn’t create the world’s strongest topical just to say we did – there is a unique story behind it. One of our close friends suffers from seizures and benefited greatly from our tinctures, but wanted to know if we could develop a topical strong enough to abate oncoming seizures. We kept creating increasingly stronger custom batches for him to try until we hit the 2,400mg mark. This was the point where he could tell a difference – when he felt a seizure coming on (like a sneeze as he describes it), he applied the topical to his temples, the aortas on his neck, and the bottoms of his feet. Doing this stopped 70-80% of his seizures from developing. (*This is a personal client testimonial and we cannot say with any certainty this will work for you, please consult a doctor before _________)

There are also impressive benefits for the muscles as well, we’ve had a client rub this on her legs before a marathon to help fight muscle pain/ inflammation from a long hiatus from running. She hadn’t run a marathon since the birth of her first child and anticipated muscle fatigue around the halfway point but to her surprise it never showed up and she placed 3rd out of over 50 runners.

We’ve also been able to show an increased range of motion immediately for many people. Simply rub it onto your sore neck and see how much farther you’re able to move without the tight muscles fighting you. It’s also been a great help to me personally from old injuries of the spine that have caused continual issues over the years. When I run into a morning where I’m especially tight and sore I’ll rub this on the areas giving me the most trouble. It frees up my back before I finish my coffee and allows me to focus on my day instead of the pain like I used to.

With a specific 11 essential oil blend designed to created to subdermal or beneath the skin it takes the Full Spectrum CBD to the muscles for immediate relief. The response we’ve gotten from our clients on this product is truly amazing and we’ve named it Miracle Salve straight from our clients testimonials.