CBD Creams: What We Wish We Knew a Year Ago About CBD Tattoo Cream

Are you wondering what we wish we knew a year ago about CBD tattoo cream? If so, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at what you should know!

About 36% of young people in the United States have at least one tattoo. 

While getting a tattoo can be an exciting time, there’s also the subject of after-care. How do you take care of your ink after you leave the tattoo parlor? 

Your tattoo artist will undoubtedly offer you advice, and they mean even suggest using CBD Tattoo Cream. 

Is CBD tattoo cream ok to use for tattoos, and will it harm your new artwork in any way? What are the benefits (and possible drawbacks) of using CBD cream for your new tattoo? 

Let’s explore why tattoo CBD cream could be a great way to preserve that tattoo and speed healing.

What is CBD?

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. CBD is believed to have many healing properties when taken both orally and topically.

Some people are hesitant to use CBD because they believe it might make them high. However, CBD is derived from hemp and contains trace amounts of THC, not nearly enough to get you high no matter how you take it. CBD cannot get you high.

CBD is reported to be an anti-inflammatory which means it may combat swelling or redness you experience post-tattoo. It’s also known for its cellular regenerative properties resulting in healthier skin.

In most states, using products that contain CBD is legal. However, you may want to check with your particular state first to see if there are any stipulations before you make any purchases.

How Does CBD Work in The Body

Everyone has a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which works to maintain balance in the body in areas like sleeping, mood, and eating. ECS works by using the endocannabinoid receptors to signal when there’s a problem.

The receptors recognize and use cannabinoids like CBD to help regulate the problems the body is experiencing.

What Happens to Your Body When You Get A Tattoo

While the result of a tattoo is awesome, you might be wondering why it’s necessary to have aftercare.

When the tattoo artist begins inking your skin, the cells cannot break down the ink. This makes the ink stay in place. The ink is distributed deep into the skin where blood vessels and nerves are located, which is why getting a tattoo hurts!

As cool as the tattoo looks, it’s essential to be taking care of that tattoo because many things like irritation, bumps, scars, and even diseases and infections can occur. This is why it’s vital to take care of your tattoo following the instructions of the tattoo artist.

What is CBD Tattoo Cream?

Taking care of your tattoo is essential to your health and the preservation of the tattoo, so it’s wise to choose the best creams on the market.

Most tattoo creams, salves, and lotions aim to moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated to prevent scarring. Tattoos can take anywhere from six to eight weeks to heal, so you’ll need to apply the tattoo cream daily.

What makes CBD tattoo cream stand out is that it’s infused with CBD. When you apply it to your skin, your skin absorbs the CBD and goes to work repairing and rejuvenating your skin. Also, most salves or creams infused with CBD offer a wealth of other natural skin-healing and nourishing ingredients as well.

Benefits of CBD Tattoo Cream

You might think that applying anything topical to your skin doesn’t impact your body, but it can! Choosing a tattoo cream that will respond positively to your body is crucial!

There are a few main reasons to choose CBD tattoo cream over a traditional tattoo cream.

The first is that CBD is an anti-inflammatory. This means that it reduces any swelling or redness associated with your tattoo.

The second is that CBD is also a pain reducer. If you have any pain after your tattoo is finished (which is highly likely!) CBD tattoo cream can help manage that pain.

CBD also contains vitamins E and A, which are wonderful for the skin. They act as moisturizers, but also regenerate the skin cells.

Even though the skin is tough and generally does a good job at blocking foreign invaders, some of the CBD can be absorbed through the skin and interact with your endocannabinoid system.

How to Use CBD Tattoo Aftercare Cream

Because the skin has many layers and most lotions do not enter the bloodstream, you’ll need to apply liberally to ensure that it absorbs in the skin.

Ask your tattoo artist about the frequency of application and if they can make any recommendations.

Are There Any Risks?

CBD is generally considered safe, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same reaction.

In some cases, skin irritation can occur, so if that happens stop using the balm.

Because CBD tattoo cream has other ingredients, it’s possible that you could develop an allergic reaction to another ingredient in the balm itself. If you think this is the problem, try switching to another brand that still has CBD but absent of the culprit that’s causing the allergic reaction.

CBD is incredibly popular, and many people are manufacturing and selling fake CBD oil. Do your research before buying a product to ensure the company and its product are real.

CBD Tattoo Cream: Good For Your Tattoo

Choosing CBD tattoo cream for the healing of your tattoo is a wise choice because of its ability to soothe inflammation and reduce pain.

Do you want to learn more about CBD and its benefits? We’ve got all the education you need! Get CBD educated today!