CBN for Sleep: Everything You Need to Know

CBN has been reported to help with sleep. You can check out our informative guide right here to learn more about CBN for sleep.

When you were a child, you probably pulled every trick in the book to stay up past your bedtime. As an adult, you spend all day craving your pillow but when bedtime arrives, you lay there unable to sleep. Is that irony or cruelty?

Either way, sleep is a critical part of your body’s health and if you aren’t getting your eight hours per day, now is the time to take action. Many people hesitate to try prescription sleep medicines because of their side effects. If you want a more natural solution, try CBN for sleep.

What is CBN?

You’re used to hearing about CBD, but CBN? It’s not a typo. It’s a similar part of the cannabis plant.

CBN is short for cannabinol, which is another part of the cannabis plant like CBD and THC. Some researchers think CBN isn’t psychoactive at all while others call it very mildly psychoactive. Regardless, it doesn’t produce the “high” of THC, so don’t bring it to a party.

Still, CBN does interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system. It appears to cause a variety of reactions with your hormones and neurotransmitters. Those interactions offer multiple health benefits, including better sleep.

How Does CBN Help with Sleep?

As a natural sleep aid, CBN actually works in multiple ways. It can directly make you sleepy while also addressing other issues that can disrupt your sleep.

Sedative Effect

One of the most common pieces of advice doctors give you for improving your sleep is to get on a consistent sleep schedule. That’s difficult to do if your brain refuses to sleep at bedtime. That’s where CBN comes in handy.

The natural chemical is known for having a sedative-like effect and making you tired at any hour of the day. It can help you fall asleep at whatever your chosen bedtime may be so you can get on that consistent schedule.

Keep on mind that from a scientific perspective, this is still experimental. The research so far is promising, as are the reports from the countless people who use CBN for sleep.

Pain Relief

Relaxing your mind and body is a key part of falling asleep. That’s tough to do when your body is in pain, whether you have chronic pain or a simple headache.

Cannabinoids like CBN appear to interact with certain nerves in your body that relate to pain sensitivity. They may dull your pain enough to help you get to sleep. This is why some people don’t use CBN every night but use it when they aren’t feeling well and need sleep.

Inflammation Control

Some studies have found that CBN has an anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body. This isn’t surprising because the same is true for CBD.

Reducing inflammation can help you sleep better. This is especially true if you have inflammatory conditions like arthritis that keep you awake.

On top of the short-term impact, lowering your inflammation could have long-term health benefits. Studies suggest that excessive inflammation raises your risk for several serious health issues. Those health issues can cause pain, anxiety, and other sleep-disrupting problems.

Bonus Advantages of CBD

CBN alone has multiple ways to help you sleep. In most cases, though, you get a two-for because CBN usually comes mixed with CBD.

This is helpful for those who struggle to sleep because CBD also has benefits that help you sleep. For instance, CBD appears to lower stress and anxiety. Like CBN, it also has pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing properties.

When you put it all together, that means you’re getting multiple active ingredients that prepare your mind and body alike for restful sleep.

How to Use CBN for Sleep

Everything you put into your body requires care and caution, even natural products like CBN. To get the effect you want from your CBN, follow these tips before you jump in with both feet.

Find Reliable Manufacturers

It surprises many to learn that cannabinoids aren’t regulated by the FDA because they’re not considered medical. That means the FDA hasn’t evaluated the statements that manufacturers make, so it’s hard to know who to trust.

The key is to find a manufacturer who is reliable and consistent. To start, look for manufacturers that are clear about their products’ ingredients. Make sure they list the CBN concentrations and any other ingredients or nutritional information.

It also helps to look for a business that has been around and has a reliable reputation. Check out their reviews and how well-established they are online.

Understand the Terminology

There are different types of CBN products so it’s important to know what you’re getting. To start, you might see “isolates” compared to “full-spectrum” products. These refer to the CBD that is mixed with the CBN.

A CBD isolate contains the CBD alone and no other parts of the cannabis plant. In the case of a CBD isolate + CBN, you’re getting CBD and CBN but not other cannabis components.

Full-spectrum CBD + CBN, on the other hand, contains all parts of the cannabis plant to some degree. This includes trace amounts of THC, but a small enough amount that it’s legal and produces no “high.”

Follow Dosing Instructions

Using the right dosage is as important for CBD and CBN as it is for any over-the-counter medications you might take. Before you take any, read the label carefully.

Follow the instructions about how much to take, when to take it, and how to take it. This is the best and only way to get effective results while protecting your health. CBN has no known side effects, but caution is still important.

Using CBN for Sleep

If you aren’t getting your sleep, it impacts every part of your life from your work to your health. Instead of suffering along, consider CBN for sleep and see if it helps you get the rest you need.

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