7 Tips for Pet Owners on Giving Dogs CBD

Cannabidiol has been reported to provide benefits to pets, not only to humans. Here are tips for pet owners on giving dogs CBD for the first time.

CBD is the latest trend, with 14% of the American population using CBD products. However, CBD oil is not just for people. CBD products are commonly given to pets, specifically dogs, to help with a variety of medical concerns.

CBD is derived from hemp and comes in a variety of forms. Unlike THC, a CBD treat won’t get your pooch high. Instead, CBD products have been reported to reduce pain and stress in canines so they can live happier lives.

Giving dogs CBD doesn’t have to be a chore. Let’s dive into the benefits CBD oil has for pets and the best practices for administering the product to your pooch.

The Benefits of CBD for Pets

CBD oil offers a wide range of benefits for pets. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that reportedly improve cardiovascular health and reduce cancer risks. It is believed CBD oil eases pain, stimulates appetites, decreases nausea, and lowers anxiety in dogs.

Canine epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder in dogs, affecting .75% of the canine population. It has been reported that CBD products can help control and decrease the prevalence of seizures among dogs.

Many pet owners keep CBD oil on-hand to calm their pooches down during stressful events, like moving or visiting the vet. Pet owners use CBD products to relieve anxiety and depression symptoms for their pets.

Tips for Giving CBD to Your Dogs

Giving dogs CBD is a wonderful thing, but it must be done correctly. Here are seven tips for ensuring your pup has a positive CBD experience.

1. Talk to Your Vet First

If you’re considering CBD oil for your dog, first speak with your vet. Ask your vet if the treatment is a good idea for your pet’s condition. Since your veterinarian knows your pet’s current and past health better than anyone, he or she can advise if CBD is a safe option.

2. Shop Organic

Just like dog food, it’s best to stick with an organic brand of CBD oil for your pet. CBD oil derives from hemp plants. Organic hemp is grown without genetically modified organisms, synthetic fertilizers, ionizing radiation, or pesticides.

Organic CBD is a cleaner product. It hasn’t been exposed to harmful toxins or been synthetically modified. It’s a more natural product that is safer for your dog to consume. Pesticides and artificial additives can cause allergic reactions in pets, which is why organic products are a safer alternative.

3. Know the Right Dosage

Don’t wing it when it comes to administering CBD products to your dog. Talk with your vet or the CBD manufacturer to determine the right dosage for your pup. Use an oil dropper to ensure you’re measuring out an accurate CBD oil amount.

The best dosage for dogs depends on size. For example, dogs 25 pounds and under are recommended to take up to 1.25 mg of CBD oil two times per day. Dogs between 25 and 50 pounds can consume 2.5 mg of CBD twice per day. Pets over 75 pounds may take 3.75 mg CBD two times a day.

For both dogs and people, the dosages are not large. Dogs only need a small amount of CBD to feel its effects.

4. Stick With Liquid CBD

CBD oil is extracted from a hemp plant. The liquid is an easy and safe way to consume CBD. By using liquid CBD, you can easily track the dosage you’re giving your pet.

CBD products for pets also come in topical creams and treats. CBD creams are best for dogs with skin conditions, like allergies or rashes, or acute joint pain. CBD dog treats are not as natural as CBD oil and can take longer for the effects to set in.

5. Keep a CBD Log

As you try out different CBD doses and methods on your dog, keep a detailed log of everything you do. If you’re a tech-savvy dog parent, you can take photos or videos to track your pup’s experience with CBD. Giving dogs CBD isn’t an exact science since every pup reacts differently.

Take note of the different dosages, the time of day, and what type of CBD you give your dog. Observe how your dog reacts. Record when the effects of the CBD oil start to wear off.

By writing down the details, in a few weeks, you should be able to determine if the CBD is helping your dog. You’ll also be able to tell the best ways to administer the oil specifically for your pet.

6. Try Different Methods of Administering CBD

Giving dogs CBD oil can be tricky, so there are a variety of ways to administer the product to your pet.

Some dogs might allow you to apply the oil directly into their mouths. Insert the oil dropper as close to the back of the mouth as possible. Give your pooch a delicious treat afterward to ensure the oil is swallowed.

Most dogs prefer to eat their CBD oil without knowing it. Place a droplet of CBD oil onto your pup’s favorite treat. Give it a few seconds to sink in, and then let your dog enjoy. For larger dogs who require heftier dosages of CBD, mix the oil with dinner or peanut butter.

For creative dog moms and dads, you can use CBD oil to create your own delicious dog treats. The treats will have to be no-bake treats or cooked at low temperatures to prevent the oil from evaporating. Fortunately, there are plenty of delicious no-bake CBD dog treat recipes to choose from.

7. Be Aware of Potential Side Effects

Most importantly, make sure you know the potential side effects CBD can have on your dog. CBD is low-risk, and the chances of the product harming your pooch are small.

The most common CBD side effect in dogs is extreme drowsiness. In most cases, sedation from CBD occurs from too large of a dose. Humans can experience the same side effect if they consume too much CBD oil.

Other possible side effects of CBD oil in dogs are:

  • Dry mouth (notice if your dog is drinking large amounts of water)
  • Tremors
  • Low blood pressure
  • Disorientation, dizziness, or drooling
  • Diarrhea or vomiting

If you notice anything unusual after your dog has consumed CBD oil, contact your vet.

Learn More About Giving Dogs CBD

Giving dogs CBD can be tricky. But as long as you’re prepared, the process should go smoothly. Keep in mind that it takes time to determine the best dosage and method of giving your dog CBD oil.

If you’re ready to start giving your pooch CBD treatments, you’re at the right spot. Shop our products online now.