Many businesses in the CBD industry are flourishing right now. If you’re a new CBD business, here’s how to find the best wholesale CBD oil distributor.

The American CBD oil market is exploding. By 2020, the entire cannabis market is expected to reach $20 billion. By 2022, the CBD-hemp market is expected to reach $22 billion.

That’s a lot of sales and why both wholesale CBD oil distributors and B2C brick-and-mortar and online stores are thriving, both new and existing businesses. This success for the CBD industry also means there are many product options to choose from both for stores buying from CBD suppliers and customers buying from these stores.

So, if you’re a CBD oil store how do you choose the best CBD oil distributor, you ask? One that provides the best and latest top-quality wholesale CBD oil products at competitive rates that customers will love?

To help, we’ve put together some guidelines on how to choose CBD oil distribution. Keep reading so you know what you’re looking for in a supplier, then, go out and try the distributor that fits the bill.

1. Know Your Market

You probably already do this but it’s a good idea to stay on top of what your customers want. Especially because the market is full of new products and it’s changing often with new developments in everything from delivery options to new isolates to new growers. And this is likely to continue.

Also, it’s a good idea to know what types of products you want to sell and what fits your brand. And you want to know what is available.

Why? Because you want a supplier that has everything that fits all of your needs.

So educate yourself and do so regularly to keep up with changes in the market. You might think about doing surveys to your current customer base, whether by online questionnaire or chatting in your store.

2. Pick a Distributor With a Wide Variety of Products

CBD oil comes in many forms and an ideal distributor offers as many options as possible.

There are a variety of delivery options, including pre-made edible, topical, and sublingual options, as well as products you can inhale.

There are also products that you can add yourself to food, drink, creams, salves, sprays, vapes, and more instead of the pre-made options. These include oils, water-soluble isolates, and gels to name a few.

CBD oil also comes with and without the psychoactive THC and other cannabinoids. There are also products designed to help with specific benefits, including pain relief, sleep help, anxiety relief, skin care, workout recovery, and smoking cessation, to name a few.

Ideally, your supplier offers the following in wholesale CBD oil products:

  • Products in all the delivery methods, including tinctures, vapes, salves or creams, and gels, to name a few
  • Full-spectrum CBD products that contain various other cannabinoids, like possibly THC, and other terpenes, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and other compounds that boost the healing benefits
  • CBD-only isolates that don’t contain the psychoactive THC or other cannabinoids or compounds
  • Products designed for all the benefit options, such as pain relief, sleep aid, and other health and well-being help

Once you’ve done your step-one research to know what’s out there, simply look at the distributor’s product page and you’ll know quickly.

3. Pick a Distributor With High-Quality Products

There are a lot of people out there growing, making, and selling wholesale CBD oil products, so you want to find a wholesaler that only delivers top-quality oil.

Your customers are savvy and have a lot of options. They’ll know if the quality isn’t high and they’ll know if it is. And they’ll appreciate and trust you if you deliver the best oils. This is a great way to build loyalty to your shop and the brands you sell.

Here’s what you’re looking for to ensure quality.

Consistent Formulations for Full-Spectrum Products

You want the wholesaler to sell brands that maintain the same formulations across batches. This way if your customers like the way a product works, they won’t be disappointed if their next bottle or product works differently.

Organic Products

You want a wholesaler that gets products grown organically so that they don’t contain unwanted toxins, chemicals, and other compounds from the soil and environment.

Locally Grown Products

Ideally, the plants are grown in the U.S. This makes it easier for the wholesaler to monitor the quality of the plants and the processing. The U.S. also has higher testing standards than other countries that cover both the growing and processing.

Safety and Labeling

You want a wholesaler that tests all batches to ensure the levels of cannabinoids and then labels them accordingly. For example, you don’t want to sell a THC-free product only to have it contain the psychoactive.

You want your supplier to test for unwanted contaminants to ensure safety. And you want them to test to make sure the products work (quality!).

A trustworthy wholesale CBD oil supplier will show you the test results so you can be sure they are not biased.

Packaging and Transportation

You want a supplier that stores its products safely and so they stay fresh. For example, oils should be in dark glass bottles and kept in cool dark places for optimum shelf life and quality. Products should be transported and stored at the right temperature.

4. Pick a Distributor That Has Great Marketing Options

Ideally, your distributor carries or manufactures well-known brands that fit what you want, brands that do a lot of marketing on their own. This gives you built-in marketing, such as brand awareness and loyalty.

You also want brands that give you ways to promote, such as point-of-sale aids, brochures, research information, and free samples.

5. Pick a Distributor that Has Great Customer Service

By customer service, we mean that you are the customer and they are there for you. They should be easy to reach and available for questions or to solve issues that may arise with logistics.

You want them to be reliable in providing you with your products in a timely manner as ordered. You want a supplier that will have enough of your product in stock for your needs under normal conditions.

You want a company that communicates clearly and in a timely manner. They should be friendly and professional.

We suggest that you communicate with and establish a relationship before committing to a wholesaler. You’ll get a feel for them quickly to know if this will be a good relationship.

The Right Wholesale CBD Oil Distributor for Your Business

Now that you know what to look for in a wholesale CBD oil supplier, you’re ready to start making a list of what your business needs and looking at your options.

Once you have your list, go ahead and give us a call to see how we can help so that you can consistently bring your customers top-quality, leading-edge products in the CBD oil market. We want you to have a competitive edge and we aim to provide our clients with the best and widest-range of CBD products possible.