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Who doesn’t love a good bath after a long, hard day? If you’ve been using other CBD products but haven’t gotten your hands on some of our organic CBD bath products yet, there’s no better time than now.

According to an advisor of PlusCBDOil, Aimee Gould Shunney, ND, the heat of the water causes the vasolidation of a person’s blood vessels, quickening the absorption of CBD through your pores.

Herbal Fracture produces top-grade organic CBD products besides tinctures and softgels, such as Pet CBD, CBD edibles, and CBD bath products. With our rigorous testing, products from Herbal Fracture are guaranteed to be safe and high-quality.

CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Bath Salts, and CBD Soap Benefits

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May Help With Anxiety

If you’re someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, CBD may help manage its symptoms. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, CBD has shown potential in reducing stress in animals like rats. However, specific studies on humans still need to be done.

In 2011, a research study was conducted to observe the effects of CBD in people with Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder. Some were given a placebo, and others were given 400 milligrams of CBD. People who consumed the CBD were shown to have reduced levels of anxiety.

May Improve Quality of Sleep

A study conducted in 2019 assessed whether CBD can help with poor sleep and anxiety. In the first month of the study, 79.2% of the patients reported reduced levels of anxiety, and 66.7% had improved quality of sleep. In 2014, a research involving Parkinson’s disease patients was conducted, and it showed that CBD also helped with their REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD).
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CBD Cream for Skin Infections

May Help With Skin Infections

There was a review conducted in 2016 that shed light on the antifungal and antibacterial properties of the cannabis plant. This may help minimize infections on the skin.

How To Use CBD Bath Bombs

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water.
  2. Once the bathtub is full, drop your organic CBD-infused bath bomb.
  3. Wait for the bath bomb to dissolve.
  4. Get in the tub.

How To Use CBD Bath Salts

  1. Measure the amount of bath salts per the instructions.
  2. Fill your bathtub with warm water.
  3. Put the bath salts while the water is running.
  4. Get in the tub.
Bath Bombs and Salt with CBD

Herbal Fracture has organic Isolate CBD soap with a Fresh Bamboo scent.

We also have a CBD Variety Bath Package and CBD Relaxation Bath Package. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!