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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of cannabis’ active ingredients and does not produce a “high” sensation.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, CBD in humans exhibits no risks pertaining to abuse or dependence potential. CBD is known for its medical benefits, especially for certain kinds of epilepsy wherein seizure episodes among patients were reduced. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has already approved a CBD product for seizure treatment, linked with Dravet syndrome, Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.

CBD is commonly likewise used in pain management and anxiety. Based on an April 2020 article written by Peter Grinspoon, MD, of Harvard Health Publishing, preliminary studies have shown that CBD can help treat symptoms of insomnia, both in falling and staying asleep. It also shows potential in relieving chronic, neuropathic pain. With studies conducted on animals by the European Journal of Pain, as mentioned in the same article, CBD topical products show potential relief in inflammation brought about by arthritis.

Though CBD exhibits possible health benefits for other illnesses and symptoms besides seizures, additional studies are still needed and being conducted to substantiate its effectiveness. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is committed to updating the public with more information about the other developing benefits while studies are still underway.

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CBD Products Available Online in Denver, CO

Products containing CBD are gaining popularity in the market, found in different forms, such as tinctures, topicals, edibles, bath products, soft gels, sleeping aids, and skin care products.

Yet, despite the growing number of available products, purchasing them is limited to places that have legalized their use. Colorado is a state where legalities vary from one place to another.

If you live in Denver, Colorado, and want to try some CBD products, you can breathe easy as several dispensaries are located in the area. Are there CBD products available online in Denver, CO? Yes, but you still need to do sufficient research to ensure the quality and safety of the products you buy.

Where To Buy the Best CBD Products in Denver, CO, From?

Choosing a good CBD product store may not be easy, especially for beginners. It can be overwhelming. When it comes to perusing goods, you need to know how they are extracted, how safe the products are, and how the products can benefit you.

With Herbal Fracture delivering to the area through our online store, you have access to the safest and most efficient CBD products available to Denver, CO. We say that with confidence because:

  1. Our products have no harmful solvents. You won’t find a trace of butane, propane, or hexane.
  2. We use a CO2 extraction process to create and sell the safest CBD products online to Denver, CO.
  3. We work with herbalists, veterinarians, and specialists in pain management to satisfy their clients’ needs.
  4. We have a six panel test to check for potency, terpenes, residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and bio-contaminates.
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If you need to ask anything about our CBD products, contact us at contact@herbalfracture.com, or drop by our physical stores in Idaho Springs and Dillon, CO.