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The Best Pure CBD Oil
in Dillon, CO

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the two most common active ingredients in marijuana. CBD oils in Dillon, CO, don’t cause a “high” feeling and have several  benefits.

Is CBD Legal in Dillon, CO?

CBD is legal in the state of Colorado, one of the USA’s most progressive states when it comes to the usage of marijuana. Hemp-derived CBD products, with a THC content below 0.03%, and hemp-derived food additives are allowed for consumption.
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At Herbal Fracture, we offer a wide array of products infused with CBD, terpenes, and other helpful cannabinoids. 

Our best CBD products in Dillon, CO, in Full Spectrum or Isolate form, include: tinctures, softgels, topicals, edibles (gummies and chocolates), and pet products.

Our organic products are created with the user in mind, so we never include dangerous or potentially harmful ingredients in their formulation. In fact, to provide maximum benefits, we incorporate essential oils to ensure you always get more than just CBD oils in Dillon, CO.


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Why Choose Herbal Fracture for the Best CBD Oil in Dillon, CO?

Here are some reasons you should choose us when buying organic products with pure CBD oil in Dillon, CO:

  1. We have all the required certification for safe CBD production using the best CBD oil in Dillon, CO. We have a Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) registration and the mandatory Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) registration.
  2. For brand-customer transparency, we provide a detailed prescription of our CBD tests that you can find on our website. You can also scan the code on any of our organic CBD products online in Dillon, CO, to learn more about the contents.
  3. Herbal Fracture offers a variety of the best CBD products in Dillon, CO, you can choose from, such as bath products, tincture, edibles, and some even for your pets.

Looking for Quality Products With Pure CBD Oil in Dillon, CO?

Drop by, and purchase our trusted CBD products in Dillon, CO, today! We’re open from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. If you want to know more about our organic products and services, you can visit our website, contact us via email at contact@herbalfracture.com, or call us at (970) 368-6062. We also have an online store and another physical branch in Idaho Springs, CO.