CBD Softgels

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High-Quality CBD-Rich Softgels

One of today’s CBD products are softgels. Stepping away from tinctures’ droppers, pure CBD softgels are a good alternative for consuming cannabidiol (CBD). 

CBD softgels are smooth capsules filled with organic CBD, made to be taken orally. With their gelatin shell, CBD softgels are easy to swallow. They are sealed and airtight to keep the beneficial components contained safely inside. As they mask the smell and strong taste of their contents, there is no need to taste it, similar to the usual over-the-counter vitamins but with the wonders of CBD.

Appearing just like a regular pill, organic CBD softgels are a great, no-mess, and portable option for first-time users. The measured size provides the precise amount of CBD for total control over the dosage.

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CBD Softgels

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Here at Herbal Fracture, we offer the best CBD softgels.

We shy away from the usual way of extraction and have incorporated better ways to ensure that our organic products are free from harmful solvents, such as butane, propane, or hexane.

Both our Full Spectrum and Isolate softgels are made from medium-chain triglyceride, kosher gelatin, vegetable glycerin, and distilled water. What makes these two differ is that Full Spectrum has Full Spectrum CO2 CBD Extract while Isolate has CBD Isolate Extract containing beta-mycrene and beta-caryophllene terpenes for better effectiveness.

Based on article published by Inquirer USA on April 2020, an “entourage effect” is commonly experienced by those taking Full Spectrum wherein its composition is maximized. Isolate, on the other hand, is a good option for those who prefer THC-free products.

If you’re curious and considering taking organic CBD softgels, check out the FAQs for any questions you may have.


Full Spectrum contains a small amount of THC, less than .3% — not enough to feel high. However, it may cause a positive drug test result with very strict tests. Isolate is considered THC-free and is a better choice if users are subjected to employer drug testing.
25mg/gel is the standard that works for most people. 50mg/gel tends to last longer.
Once a day, before or after a meal.
Around 30 minutes to an hour.
It lasts for a day.
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CDB softgels provide a simple, innovative way to consume CBD.

Whenever you’re ready to try Herbal Fracture’s CBD softgels, check out our selection.
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