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Cannabidiol or CBD is one of a cannabis plant’s hundred components that doesn’t trigger a “high.” The following article from  National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, explains the differences between Cannabis and Cannabinoids. 

Considered one of the easiest, smokeless ways to consume cannabis, organic CBD tinctures are used sublingually or under the tongue for around 15-20 seconds before swallowing. CBD oil tinctures take effect quickly, in roughly 30 minutes, after being administered. With a variety of choices to choose from, you will surely find one that fits your taste.

Here at Herbal Fracture, we offer three kinds of CBD tinctures:
  1. Standard Tincture
  2. Specialized Tincture
  3. Formula 2501 Tincture
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Herbal Fracture Formula Standard Tincture

Standard Tincture

Herbal Fracture Formula Specialized Tincture

Specialized Tincture

Herbal Fracture Formula 2501Tincture High Concentration Formula

Formula 2501 Tincture
(High Concentration Formula)

CBD Tincture FAQs


In most cases, Full Spectrum tinctures are for humans. For people who need to do drug tests on a regular basis, choose Isolate tinctures.
Full Spectrum contains a small amount of THC, less than .3% — not enough to feel high. Consuming Full Spectrum CBD may test positive on highly sensitive drug screens. Isolate is considered THC-free and is a better choice if you are subjected to employer drug testing.
Pet tinctures are formulated specifically for pets with no THC and are available in cod liver oil flavor. Tinctures can be placed in pet food.
Our standard potency is 1200mg/oz. In most cases, 1200mg and 600mg work for most people. 600mg tinctures are half the size of the 1200mg tincture. For more detail, please see the dosing card.
Take a recommended dose during the day or night, depending on when you need it the most, or both. You put your daily dose under your tongue for around 30 seconds, then swallow slowly.
It lasts for an entire day, or entire night, depending on when you take it.

Specialized tincture faq

Our specially formulated tinctures are designed to enhance the benefits of specific cannabinoids, to help synergistic effects of different cannabinoids.
Specialized tinctures are designed to enhance the effects of certain cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBC, CBN.
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