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Herbal Fracture manufactures high-quality organic CBD products. We take pride in the six panel tests that we conduct to ensure that our products are safe. Our extraction process doesn’t involve the use of butane, pentane, hexane, and ethanol, so we guarantee the purity of our CBD.
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CBD Absorption Rate

A research published in the medical journal, Pharmaceuticals, entitled “Comparison of Five Oral Cannabidiol Preparations in Adult Humans: Pharmacokinetics, Body Composition, and Heart Rate Variability,” discussed how the body can have difficulty absorbing CBD because it’s an oily substance. This is why it can take a considerable amount of time before you feel its effects.

In 2018, an article was published about the low and unpredictable bioavailability of CBD products taken orally, such as CBD gummies and capsules, or organic CBD oils mixed with different beverages, like smoothies and coffee.

If you want faster results, give our organic nano drops with CBD a try. You’ll be amazed by their effectiveness, taking only a minute to kick in. Herbal Fracture has Fast Acting Full Spectrum, Isolate, and CBD nano drops. We also have water-soluble tinctures and nano creams available.

Herbal Fracture’s Fast Acting CBD products are ten times more efficient than the usual CBD topicals. Aside from their quick absorption rate, our products offer benefits that are good for your body. We use advanced nano-technology to produce our products. The particle size ranges from 50 to 500nm, increasing the rate of CBD penetration in the human body.

Our Aloe Vera Nano Creams — both Isolate and Full Spectrum — are enriched with high-quality CBD, with a mix of 11 essential oils. Some of the essential oils we used are Bergamot Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, and Manuka Oil, making our products perfect for damaged and dry skin. Some of our customers even say that it works wonders on their sore joints, too.

Another product on our organic Fast Acting CBD line are CBD nano drops. The products are nano-encapsulated, making them water-soluble. Our Fast Acting nano drops have no THC content, and you can add a few drops to any drink of your choice.


Nano creams and salves work even faster than regular salves.
Full Spectrum contains a small amount of THC, less than .3%. It’s not enough to feel high; however, it may cause a positive drug test result. Isolate contains no THC, making it a better choice if subjected to employer drug testing.
Around four hours.
Fast Acting CBD FAQs

Curious about our CBD nano drops and other Fast Acting products?

You can also visit us at our physical locations in Idaho Springs and Dillon, CO. We also have other quality organic CBD products that our existing clients can attest to.