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Isolate Pet CBD Tincture

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Isolate CBD Dog Treats


Why should my pets take CBD?

Just like humans, pets can suffer from conditions like Insomnia, anxiety, and general pain. Luckily, CBD that works for humans, also works for pets as well. The products we offer are proven to be helpful in relieving symptoms of anxiety, arthritis, and general pain in pets.

How do I use the product?

Simply drop the recommended dose onto the pet food/treats, when using our tincture, or administer as recommended by the label on our pet salve and dog treats..

What dose should I choose?

According to the research data from veterinarians we cooperate with, the dose is currently set to be 1mg of CBD per 1 kg (roughly 2 pounds) of your pet’s weight. You may see the dosing card here.

How often should my pet take it?

Once a day before or after a meal.

How long does it last?

It lasts for at least a day.

Do you have full spectrum options for pet tincture?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer full spectrum pet tincture at this time. Our experience with pet tincture is that because animals are very sensitive to smells, many pet owners have trouble feeding full spectrum oil to their pets. Our pet tincture is made to have no offensive smells, and we also offer appealing options like Cod Liver oil tincture.

Why are the doses for pets (dogs) higher than for humans?

There are two main reasons. First, dogs have a much faster metabolism compared to humans. Second, the CBD studies for dogs are composed with a defensive and evidence-based approach. Dogs can not speak for their symptoms, so increased dosage has shown the best improvements and results through direct observation.