Terpene Isolate

Our terpene isolate CBD products are formulated by infusing our CBD Isolate back into the flavor terpenes for great taste and calming effects. Terpenes exist widely in nature. They are responsible for the flavors and some positive effects that plants provide us. Terpenes provide a great way to experience CBD in a delicious way. It’s also a great way to receive the many benefits of CBD.

Additionally, our terpene isolate has re-introduced delicious and beneficial terpenes to our CBD to match the profile of specific strains. Think of it as a way to control flavor and benefits–you get a tasty product designed to produce maximum results.

Curious about how to use our CBD Terpene Isolate? Many users recommend simply adding our crumbles to their tea to enjoy. Our Fruity Pebble and Pineapple express flavors provide delightful citrus notes to your favorite drink.

Our CBD Terpene Isolate is made naturally, without any harmful or artificial ingredients or chemicals, providing you only the best and most helpful compounds available.

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