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This specially formulated product is designed to help maximize the benefit of CBG. By combining CBG with CBD, this product can produce an entourage effect, causing both cannabinoids to have an enhanced effect.

This product contains 0.0% THC on COA. (LOD < 0.00083%)

2 fl. oz bottle

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Weight 4.58562 oz


1 review for CBG ISOLATE Tincture

  1. jawilso29

    I love HF! I use the isolates cbd/cbg tinctures (clear mind) regularly. I’ve also used the sleep aid, pet tinctures, full spectrum (a gift to a friend in need), the muscle salve & face cream. I’ve actually used a lot of the products & cannot say enough positive things about these products. This company is easy to work with – customer service is stellar & accommodating. I highly recommend you try these products – there are many. Receiving the free samples that come with orders increases my exposure as well to other products I’d like to try. Enjoy & experience the relief for what ails you – enhancing focus along the way!

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