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Our Muscle and Skin Salve is rich in our CO2 CBD Complex and packed with our special formulation of 11 essential oils.

1 fl. oz jar

(Note: Because this product is made with a Full Spectrum extract, all of the plant’s lipids and waxes are included in the extract which can give it a “green” look and smell. If you are sensitive to this, try out our isolate version! As this product is formulated with a full spectrum hemp extract, it will have less than 0.3% THC by volume and is manufactured in compliance with Federal Law. Do not use this product if you are subject to drug testing.)

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Weight .5 oz


4 reviews for FULL SPECTRUM Muscle Salve

  1. Mary Jane

    I began using this product three years ago. I have neck degenerative disc disease and would be rendered useless for two to three days at a time when the pain flared up. With continuous use of this product I am nearly pain free. Occasionally when there is rain in the air I’m bothered but nothing as painful as before I began using this product.

  2. silvia mikutis

    I apply product on my hands; they hurt me from using computer. Use every night; love it!

  3. Ruby

    I used to get really sore shoulders and neck after hunching over my computer all day at work. Since I started using the salve, my sore muscles aren’t a problem anymore.

  4. Shawna Russell

    Amazing product!! Helps ease my fibromyalgia muscle pain. Thankful for herbal fracture 🙂

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