0.5oz 150mg ISOLATE Aloe Vera Nano Cream


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10 times the Efficiency than normal CBD topical!

Our Aloe Vera Creme is rich in CBD and our special blend of 11 essential oils. This product works wonders on dry or damaged skin and our customers love to use it for a daily dose on sore joints too!

The term “nanoscale” for drug delivery refers to particle size range from ~ 50 to 500 nm. The benefit for the Nano-CBD particle to human body is mainly used to increase penetration of CBD. This nano-envelope has a core-shell structure that allows fine nanoparticles to travel through the skin, allowing the CBD to be effectively transported subcutaneously.

Container Size: 15ml

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Bergamot Oil
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Black Pepper Oil
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Manuka Oil
CBD Isolate
Nano-particle Enhancer
Liquid Germall
DI Water
Aloe Vera Gel


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