2 oz 600mg CBD + 600mg CBN ISOLATE Sleeping Aid Tincture



This specially formulated tincture is designed to help maximize the benefit of CBN (Cannabinol). Current research has shown CBN to act as a sedative, an Antibacterial, a Neuroprotective, an Appetite Stimulative and an Anti-inflammatory.

CBN is best known for its sedative properties.  It’s known to serve as an effective sleep aid. When combined with CBD, specific terpene combinations, both cannabinoid properties are enhanced. CBN has also been shown to be an effective appetite stimulant, like THC, without the psychoactive properties of THC.

This product contains 0.0% THC on COA. (LOD < 0.00083%)

2 fl. oz bottle

Additional information

Weight 4.58562 oz

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts


Medium-Chain Triglyceride
CBD Isolate Extract
(Isolate has Beta Mycrene & Beta Caryophllene Terpenes For Increased Effectiveness)


Nutritional Facts:
Total Fat .5ML
Sat Fat .2ML


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