2500mg Isolate Formula 2501 Tincture

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It only takes a few drops! The Formula 2501 was designed for use as a sublingual tincture and is our most potent Isolate formulation. Each drop is equal to 8.3mg. It is safe to vape or for use as a tincture.  This has been formulated with specific terpene profile, fractioned coconut oil and 2500mg of our Isolate CBD complex because that’s all you need! (Note: Because we add terpenes to increase the effectiveness of the isolate tincture, it has a light rose color.)

0.5 oz bottle

Contains 0.0% THC

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Weight1.657878 oz

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Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

Medium-Chain Triglyceride
CBD Isolate Extract
(Isolate has Beta Mycrene & Beta Caryophllene Terpenes For Increased Effectiveness)


Nutritional Facts:
Total Fat.5ML
Sat Fat.2ML


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