2 oz 600mg CBD + 600mg CBC ISOLATE Brain Food Tincture



The product is designed to help maximize the benefit of CBC (Cannabichromene).

CBC has been shown to have a positive effect on brain function known as neurogenesis. CBC encourages the growth of new brain cells. CBC plays a significant role in inhibiting the growth of cancerous tumours. CBC has been shown to assist in protecting brain cells from oxidative damage (Anti-Proliferative).

This product contains 0.0% THC on COA. (LOD < 0.00083%)

2 fl. oz bottle

Additional information

Weight4.58562 oz

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts


Medium-Chain Triglyceride
CBD Isolate Extract
(Isolate has Beta Mycrene & Beta Caryophllene Terpenes For Increased Effectiveness)


Nutritional Facts:
Total Fat.5ML
Sat Fat.2ML


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